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Hey all! Guess what? DS_Workshop's hiatus is over! We'll be starting off a new series of Workshop posts next week with a post from [ profile] nos4a2no9 about the RCMP. YAY!!

What we need now are volunteers to go in the weeks after Nos.

How to volunteer:
1. Go pick out a question from the master question list. There are still LOTS of craft of writing/DS-specific questions there that haven't been answered, or you can take a subject that HAS been answered and discuss it from another angle. Also, if you don't find anything you want to lead a discussion on, you can add a new question to the list (by commenting to it) and then volunteer to answer your own question (sneaky, eh? *g*).

2. Comment below claiming the topic you want to cover.

I'd love it if we could go back to having people post once every week or two.

Last, if anyone has any questions about how this works or suggestions for making this a better workshop, please either leave a comment here or email me!

Thanks, everybody!! ♥
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Hey everybody!

I've been a little swamped with getting DS_Match underway with [ profile] china_shop, so the Craft Series has taken a little hiatus. However, just because *I've* been swamped doesn't necessarily mean that everyone else has. *g*

So...THIS post is the volunteer call for the next round of the Craft Series. Here is the master question list. If you have new questions to ADD to the list, please do! If you'd like a reminder of what makes a good Workshop Question, please refer to this post (but don't comment to it; it's been superseded by the master question list).

All clear? Okay, who can tackle a question?

(The way it works is I'll email you to confirm you're up next. Then you'll have about a week to post. Then, when the first person posts, I'll email the next, and so on, easy as pie.)

Sound good? Have a look at the master question list, claim a topic, and comment below with what you'd like to cover!

Thank you! &hearts ♥ ♥

p.s. You CAN pick a question that someone else has already done! All you have to do is come at it from a different angle or talk about some aspect of it that the first person didn't. :D
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Okay, let's get back on a roll with the craft series!

Here is the master question list! Go forth! Find a question you can answer based on your experience with writing fic! And come back to this post to volunteer! \o/

(More guidelines are back in the older volunteer call posts if you have questions, or you can comment here and ask.)

Today's Monday, so the next post should go up within about a week. If you want to claim a topic for a week in the near future, you can do that, too!

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This week's discussion is for [ profile] kijikun's story "Deep Cover". The original post went up on Monday Oct. 17 as planned, but [ profile] zebra363 commented that she wasn't sure if it had shown up on her flist that day--possibly due to the fact that [ profile] kijikun made the post a few days prior to the day I approved it, as we requested.

Did everyone else see the post on their flists on Monday? Does anybody wiser in the ways of lj than I am have any thoughts about this? I was thinking maybe people could still make their entries in advance, but date them for the Monday the discussion is scheduled to start. Would that work?

Anyway, [ profile] kijikun's story discussion is right over here--stop by and check it out!
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Well, we've been up and running for a month now, and have had quite a variety of posts - stories and a poem; F/K naturally, but also Ray/Ray, and RayK/Stella. Thank you to all who've participated, and to those of you watching silently.

Real life has been taking up a lot of [ profile] sprat's time and mine, so we're running a bit late this week. We also have no fics lined up at present, so if anyone feels like volunteering, come on in, the water's fine!
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Hey! Just a note to let everybody know that sign-ups are still open for next week's story discussion. And again, any genre, pairing or lack thereof is welcome. Comment right here if you've got a story you'd like us to discuss.
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Hi, and welcome to ds_workshop!

We hope this community will be a supportive environment to discuss Due South stories of all varieties and flavours. It's a scary thing to put a story out there and have it critiqued, so we're leaving it up to authors to submit their stories.

The idea is (and it's open to change once we see how it works and what people want) that every week, we'll focus on one story, posted by its author. The discussion will be moderated and frozen at the end of the week, and the moderator will then post a summary of the discussion.

If you'd like your story critiqued, just reply to this post. We'll take each submission in turn. The week before your turn, a moderator will contact you, and get you to submit a post with (i) a link to your story and (ii) your moderator's email address. On Monday, that post will go up, and the fun begins!
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Although the first few discussions in this community will be moderated by [ profile] gurrier or [ profile] sprat, we would eventually like to share this responsibility with other members of the community.

How we think it'll work:

* Each Monday, a new story will be linked for discusssion by its author. The author will include a contact email for you, the weekly moderator, at the bottom of her post.

* Once that initial post has been made, your duty as moderator for the week begins. You will need to watch the comments as they are posted to make sure that everyone who participates in the discussion is following the guidelines for the community. If there are concerns about a comment posted while you are not around to see it, participants will be asked to email you to let you know about it (rather than engaging with the commenter themselves).

* Some comments you might need to delete outright (i.e.: "YOUR STORY IS SUXXOR!!1!" or "You are obviously just writing this story to deal with your own deep-seated psychological issues, which I will helpfully list right here." And etc.).

* Other comments may need a little more thought--does the poster seem to have been trying to engage in a rational discussion, but has veered away from the guidelines a little? In that case, you may just want to step in with a comment reminding them to stick to the rules. But if the comment seems to be steering the discussion away from a useful critique of the story, you will need to delete it.

* It's okay for you to participate in the discussion, too--and in fact, it would be cool if you could keep things moving by asking questions, etc--but as moderator, it's obviously a good idea for you to try to stay neutral in any polarized debates.

* At the end of the week--say on Sunday afternoon--either the story's author or one of the comm's maintainers will freeze the comment threads on the post and edit the post itself to say that the discussion is closed. At that time, you can read through what was discussed and make a second post summarising all the major points brought up that week.

* Then you're done!

If this sounds like something you'd like to do:

1) Join the community
2) Participate in a few discussions.
3) Comment below with a contact email address to sign up! We will email you to set up dates and details.
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[ profile] ds_workshop Guidelines for Story Critique

Many thanks to [ profile] sg_workshop for allowing us to snag part of their name and several of their guidelines.

Guidelines for Crit-ees:

1) Stories are to be submitted by their author.

2) Stories have to have already been betaed and posted somewhere public at some time. (If you've been having trouble finding a beta reader, you might want to try posting a request for beta at [ profile] ds_writers or [ profile] ds_noticeboard.)

3) The community will review one story each week. When it's your turn on the hot seat, you can choose which one of your stories you would like to have critiqued and post a link to it, along with any particular questions you might have for critiquers (i.e. "What did you think of Dief in this story?"). All posts will be moderated, just so we don't end up with people posting out of turn.

4) Once your story is up for critique, you may participate in the discussion by responding to comments if you like. However, like anyone else who participates in the discussion, please be courteous and civil, and please remember that everyone's opinion is equally valid.

Guidelines for Critiquers:

1) Anybody can (and is encouraged to) comment with a critique. We'd like to see the opinions of people who write and read fic as well as the opinions of people who read but don't write.

2) There's no right or wrong way to enjoy a story, which means all opinions are valid. Comment about characterisation, if that's what interests you most. Go through each sentence with a grammar nazi's fine-toothed comb. Pick out canon details the writer got wrong, or right. The more examples you can take from the story itself, the better. The more canon you can cite to back up your points, the better. But if all you have the time and energy to do is type up a couple of the most obvious things you liked and didn't like, that's cool too. As long as it's potentially useful, bring it.

3) But that said, flames and snark for the sake of snark will be deleted, at the discretion of that week's moderator. Be blunt, but keep it helpful--this comm is about the story in question, not a forum for witticisms or manifestos.

4) We also ask that commenters avoid making any comments about the author of the story or their motivations for writing the story; again, the focus is the story itself, so comments about the author are irrelevant.

5) And finally, please avoid basing your critique solely on pairing or genre. Graphic D/s scenarios involving Thatcher and Turnbull might not be your cup of tea, but if you decide to enter a discussion about a story featuring those things, the management hopes that you'll have something more to contribute than just "Ewww, dude. So wrong."

Guidelines for Moderators:

1) We'd like to get a different volunteer each week to moderate the discussion--or at least rotate the responsibility among a few different people.

2) At the end of each week, we freeze all the threads on the post--if people want to continue discussions in their own journals, that's okay, but the moderator's responsibilty at the comm ends at the end of the week.

3) Once discussion closes, the moderator makes a second seperate post summing up what was talked about that week.
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